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I am trying to implement a schematic design. My problem is that when I try to assign a constant binary number to one of the two inputs of a comparator, I can't find the way to do it. Anyone know how it can be done in Xilinx schematic? Thanks in advance for your help.



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You use XBLOX to create a new library part, from the "CONST" type. You assign the value to it as needed. You need a different library part for each constant value, kind of cumbersome, but that's how it works. Then, you instantiate the library part on your schematic, and connect the output bus to the input as needed.


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Jon Elson

If you only need to provide a single 1 or 0 (not a bus), use the vcc and gnd symbols provided in the libraries. In my schematics I usually attach a wire to each and label the vcc signal "V" and the gnd signal "G" for ease of use elsewhere in the schematic.

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