Xilinx ISE 7.1 WebPack first impressions


I've just tried the WebPack 7.1 under linux for the first time. Globally, I'm very happy not to have to start vmware or another machine each time I want to have some work done !

I haven't yet tried it in depth, just small things, see what has changed, etc ...

The whole thing seem still based on WindU though ...

Some negatives : - The RTL schematics generated by "View RTL schematics" are ... wrong ! At first I thought the synthesis was completly off but finally viewing the technology schematics, I saw it's in fact the RTL schematics generator itself that's way off. (Not all time, just on a few quite simple case, it just got it wrong imho) - When in the technology schematic, viewing lut content shows nothing at all. - Spartan 3 support for > 1500 is gone ... but we knew that would be the case. - It's not _that_ pretty ;) (far from eye candy like macosx)

I still need to do more advanced test like see if there is any gain compared to previous version.

Go & Try it !


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still tells:

" ISE WebPACK 7.1i is coming soon!"

Where did you find "Xilinx ISE 7.1"?


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Where is dowlodable Webpack 7.1?

Uwe B>

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antonio bergnoli

yes, where did you find it?

Uwe B>

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antonio bergnoli

"antonio bergnoli" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:42319bba$1 snipped-for-privacy@x-privat.org...

Thats the trick!!!

there is none, you have order the CDs pay for shipment, for custome duty and local VAT maybe too. And wait and wait.

NO DOWNLOAD (not yet)


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