Re: speeding up quartus

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Gosh. I wish I had a sysadmin. Any openings? :)

One hour is not bad for synthesis and place+route
on a medium sized FPGA.

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I haven't even tried the "logic-lock" place+route locker because
things change too much and I don't do that many place+routes.

You should turn on "smart-compile" to save the cache.
Hard drives are cheap.

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A simulation recompile and rerun only takes a few minutes.
You might suggest the designer spend more time on the
testbench and less in synthesis/place+route.

  -- Mike Treseler

Re: speeding up quartus
Off the subject but I have been really glad to see Altera's presence in this
forum for the last few months.

For years it seemed that only Xilinx cared about their user community on
here so its nice to see the support. Kudos to Paul, Subroto et al. (and
continuing thanks to Austin, Peter et al from Xilinx)

Mike hit the nail on the head, most work should be done pre-synthesis. Of
course the Altera product (or Xilinx) doesn't really lend itself to doing
this by itself. I'd recommend Active HDL ( though others swear
by ModelSim

You 'really' need a decent simulator to speed the overall design process.


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Re: speeding up quartus
The device is an EP20K, 1500EBC652-1X, the user said that he
is using <20% in logic and <60% in memory. We've discussed your
info and have decided that the first step is, as you recommend,
upgrading to 3.0.

The reason for the P&R is that we do not have any real lab
equipment and the user is bringing signals out to the 3 on-board
LEDs. I take it that this requires a new P&R everytime.


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