Xilinx Platform USB Cable

Platform Cable USB attaches to the USB port on a desktop or laptop PC with an off-the-shelf Hi-Speed USB A-B cable. It derives all operating power from the hub port controller. No external power supply is required.

So I wonder if I connect this cable to the JTAG interface of the Xilinx FPGA if then the power supply is also passed to FPGA or if I need there a serperate external power supply?

Thanks for some feedback!

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Andrew Ganger
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Hi Andrew, The 'cable' will be powered, but not your FPGA board. The FPGA board must be independently powered. AFAIK, the JTAG cable monitors the power from the board to determine the JTAG signal voltage levels. Or something like that. But you RTFM, right? ;-) Cheers, Syms.

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The Xilinx Platform Cable USB does not provide power to the target hardware, if that's what you are asking. You still need a power supply for the target hardware. The Xilinx Platform Cable USB gets its own operating power from USB. It does connect to the target power via the JTAG connector, but it only uses that to establish a voltage reference for the target interface.

The early revisions of the Platform Cable USB (DLC9) needed more than

100 mA from the USB port, so they would not work if plugged into an unpowered USB hub. The newer "Low Power" (DLC9LP) and "Pb-free" (DLC9G) revisions use less than 100 mA, so they will work with unpowered hubs (convenient for laptops with few USB ports).
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Eric Smith

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