Xilinx EDK on Linux

Hi folks, two things about the EDK on Linux:

1) If I have paid for BaseX 6.3i (and received an upgrade to 7.1i), and also paid for the EDK 6.3, is there an upgrade path for the EDK as well ? I've only just bought the EDK, do I have to buy it again, or is it under the same upgrade conditions as ISE ? Or is it just not ready yet ?

2) I think I've found a bug in the EDK's X interface - if you serve the DISPLAY to a remote machine (in my case, a Mac):

(a) The drop-down menus appear at the top-left screen co-ords, not under the mouse

(b) More importantly, the Wizard that builds a starting point for new designs cannot proceed beyond the 'add a peripheral' stage. No peripherals are shown, and 'Next' just leaves you in the same state (ie: nothing seems to happen when you press it).

Neither of these are critical, but thought I'd mention it. As to *why* I'm serving the display to my Mac, well the linux box has a 1024x768 display, and the Mac has a 30" 2560x1600 screen. Which would you prefer ? [grin]



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