Upgrading the EDK from 6.3

So, having had something of a forced absence from FPGA's for a few months, I've just been looking at upgrading to 7.1 for both ISE and EDK. My BaseX subscription seems to have allowed me to update ISE to 7.1, but I can't see any way of upgrading my EDK ?


1) Is it possible to do an upgrade, or is it a question of re-purchasing the EDK every time there's a release ? I bought it in March (just checked the order :-) and I thought you got upgrades for a year ?

2) Will the EDK 'service pack 7_1_01' (which I do seem to have access to) upgrade a 6.3 version of the EDK ?

3) Am I simply being stupid and missing the blinking neon lights somewhere on the site saying 'Oy, it's over here'... ?

Tx for any help :-)


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The 'service pack 7_1_01' is a update for the EDK 7.1 I think But I'm sure when you want EDK 7.1 you must buy it. It not possibl update EDK 6.3 with EDK 7.1 without pay somethink

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Could someone from Xilinx please comment on whether this is true ?

Cheers, Simon.

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Xilinx will send you an update CD for the EDK if your subscription is still valid. I purchased BaseX/EDK 6.3 back in December, but had problems getting my upgrades for both. The first problem was that both packages were still registered to the vendor I bought them from, rather than myself, so I couldn't download the ISE update. The second problem was that I didn't receive the EDK update CD.

Both problems were resolved relatively quickly and easily by calling the Xilinx toll-free support number. Give them the product number and place of purchase, and they'll set you right up. I had much, much less luck with the email support address given in the registration acknowledgement email. Not much help at all...

-- Mark

Sim> So, having had something of a forced absence from FPGA's for a few

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Mark Fleming

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