Beginner: running EDK 6.3 in linux

Hello, This is a beginner question. I have EDK 6.3 installed in a linux system. I dont know how to start the EDK/XPS and begin with Base system builder. can anybody help me . thank you

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Actually I don't know where you put EDK. For example I put mine in ~/bin/EDK and I have also some xilinx stuff in ~/bin/xilinx.

To use XPS I first start a terminal and I switch to csh by typing:

bertrand@seraphin:~/bin/EDK $ csh seraphin:~/bin/EDK>

Then I have to source 2 configuration files (one from xilinx, the other from EDK):

seraphin:~/bin/EDK> source ~/bin/xilinx/setting.csh seraphin:~/bin/EDK> source ~/bin/EDK/setup.csh

Note: I had to modify this last file as it was using bash syntax and not csh syntax. It now looks like this:

setenv XILINX_EDK /home/bertrand/bin/EDK setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/lin:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} setenv PATH ${XILINX_EDK}/bin/lin:${XILINX_EDK}/gnu/microblaze/lin/bin:${XILINX_EDK}/gnu/powerpc-eabi/lin/bin:${PATH}

Then I just need to start XPS by doing:

seraphin:~/bin/EDK> XPS_GUI

If your X server allows TCP connections it should work.

Hope it helps.


PS: Actually I also modified csh configuration files so that it loads automatically the 2 config files above when I start it. I have a .tcshrc file in my home directory containing:

source ~/bin/xilinx/settings.csh source ~/bin/EDK/setup.csh

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Bertrand Rousseau

Thank you Bertrand. I have successfully started EDK under linux .

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