Xilinx Student Foundation Edition on Windows-XP ??

We have been using Xilinx Student Edition 2.1i in a Third World university for several years. Now that we have upgraded to Windows-XP, it refuses to install, giving a message that java.exe is producing an unhandled exception (looks like stack problem). Does anyone know of a fix that would allow us to use the older software on the new operating system? If so, it would save us changing devices, software and experiment boards with our non-existent foreign currency. Any ideas?

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Mike Collier
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My suggestion to you is:

  • Revert to Windows 2000, preserve your hardware and software investment. Windows 2000 isn't that bad... But 2.1i is now pretty stale. As are the XC4000-style parts, which I assume you are using.

  • Submit a donation request to the Xilinx University Program, for software and the hardware you require. It is worth a shot... At SJSU, we check out one board to groups of two or three. And I tell them they are always welcome to buy their own boards. The recently released Spartan-3 board is cheaper than many textbooks (in the US, anyway...) In the worst case, you buy 15 (00) and WebPACK is free.

In the future, if at all practical, you might consider having a nominal "lab fee" like some labs at SJSU. You can save the proceeds over several years and then use it to upgrade your hardware in an attempt to stay current.

When making your decision, you might also consider the overhead in updating all the coursework to the new tools. I went through this (2.1i schematic --> 4.2i verilog) and it took a lot of work. In the end, it was worth it though. You're welcome to pull any material you want from:

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Mike Collier wrote:

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Eric Crabill

Yeah, try latest WebPACK...


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What Eric said, request a copy of ise for the lab, and use the webpack for students.Thats what we do for a subject I tutor. May be able to request an old version of ise ?

Tried changing the java version to a newer one ? Don't know if this would work but may be worth a shot.

Can you install win98 under vmware or other similar software ?

Or try to use an older version of webpack that supports the devices you need but installs.

The nice thing about 2.1 was the simple builtin simulator.


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Alex Gibson

Our company has figured out how to install Foundation 2.1 / 3.1 in Windows XP SP2. Please contact me for further information. snipped-for-privacy@customdesignsolutions.com

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While Any Foundation software may works on Windows XP, beware that part of the program, the Impact, that is used to download the bitstream to the FPGA board may not work. If you want to use the software to download the bitstream to the FPGA board with Windows XP, you must use Xilinx ISE 5.1i or above.


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