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Howz the FPGA market doing now, is there any hiring going on in the market for coding and developing. My perceptive is industry is now seeking individuals with more experience , having abilities to manage a group and provide input for architecting future products for the company.

So what would be a choice for a fresh graduate , how his outlook should be. If this choice of hiring( experienced ) continues, what sort of training the fresh graduate has to undertake him/herself to break the ice.

The current situation forces many B.S students to seek M.S and M.S degree holders to seek Ph.d's. Will this not disturb the balance?? Appreciate the input from experts in this group.


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Consider reading monster.com. Not many hiring managers read this group.

Always has.

Get experienced. The truly interested, are already doing their own projects because they enjoy it.

It might disturb the balance for university professors.

Figure out what *you* want to do, and get started. Sometimes the boss doesn't know what he wants until he sees it.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

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