Any telecommuters out there?

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Hi all,

If you've ever telecommuted on a reasonably regular basis, I'd like to hear
your story. I am a journalist currently assembling a story entitled "how to
get your boss to let you telecommute" and would welcome any advice that has
worked for you.

I am eager to speak with some people who are willing to be featured in /
photographed for the story, although if you would prefer to just share your
tips I will respect that to.

Replies to me via email by 30 June please.

Thanks in advance!

David Braue

Email: newsgroupreplies (at) braue (dot) com

Re: Any telecommuters out there?

"David Braue"

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**  I used to work for a Scientologist once  -  he went off  "astral
travelling"  from time to time .

   Does that count ?

............    Phil

Re: Any telecommuters out there?

I wonder: were his expenses tax deductable?

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