Hi, I want to add my peripheral(which has both VHDL and Verilog design files) into xilinx MB system.I am using XILINX 6.3 currently.I went thru CREATE/IMPORT PERIPHERAL WIZARD.There in no option available there to mention that my design has both VHDL and Verilog.But I could succesfully add my peripheral(rtls) thru the peripheral wizard.But the pcore//HDL/VHDL is only created and all my verilog RTLs are present in VHDL folder only.When i generated bitstream ,it gave me error saying that"fle not found in repository" ../hdl/vhdl/abc.vhd" .But abc component is my verilg module.Kindly help me out in this...

Regards, Mack..

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welcome abroad!

the mixed verilog-vhdl designs with EDK is the biggest problem with EDK that ASFAIK is not fully solved.

1) using any import wizard is most likely not possible at all 2) if you write your own IP core (not using import wizard) you can specify "BOTH" as synthesis language, this does not mean you can mix verilog and vhdl in single edk ip core, it means you must supply BOTH verilog and VHDL versions!! 3) if you need parts (of same EDK ip core) to be verilog and part VHDL you need to create 2 Cores

one would be visible in the EDK/XPS the other one not, the visible one refers to the other one, so I would say the visible one should be VHDL as most of EDK cores are in VHDL, the other one in verilog, for both core packages you specidy one HDL language in the MPD file not BOTH!

several EDK supplied cores are actually made with this approuch:

opb_emc_v1_10.b - this is the "visible" part that references the emc_common - the invisible part

in your case you need as example opb_mycore - in VHDL mycore_common - verilog

The above approuch is the only way that might work! or ok you can use 3rd party synthesis tools or command line scripts to perform synthesis outside the EDK toolchain, that another option


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Antti Lukats

Hi Antti, Thanx for your reply..I found one more solution to this problem,as u said i can synthesize my verilog component using any other 3rd party tool and add it as a netlist ,while adding the peripheral using import peripheral wizard.This should work.Haven't tried yet.just thought of this..... :-)


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