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Hallo, what is the syntax to write in Verilog the following vhdl code?

architecture IMP of user_logic is

component clk1440

port (

async_reset : in std_logic;

clock : in std_logic;

clock_enable : in std_logic;

output_50 : out std_logic;

output_pulse : out std_logic);

end component;


--USER logic implementation added here

CLK_1440_I : clk1440

port map(

async_reset => BUS2IP_Reset,

clock => BUS2IP_Clk,

clock_enable => '1',

output_50 => lcd_cl_2_s,

output_pulse => Clock_En_s);

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In verilog there is no concept of component declaration so no need to declare the module but the instantiation goes like this:-

clk1440: CLK_1440_I ( async_reset.(BUS2IP_Reset),


----- ); where the clk1440 is your actual module name and CLK_1440_I is an instance of it.

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Many Thanks Marco

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