What is the diffrences between lattice's FPGA and Xilinx's FPGA


What is the diffrences between lattice's FPGA and Xilinx's FPGA

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Lattice FPGAs are made by Lattice at

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Xilinx FPGAs are made by Xilinx at

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There are 7 letters in Lattice There are 6 letters in Xilinx

If you want better answers, you need to ask better questions.

Let me help you:

Tell us what research you have already done. What specific things did you read that you didn't understand.

Tell us why you are asking the question.

Tell us what type of differences you are interested in.

Both companies have data sheets that totally describe their products. Have you read any of them?

When you write useless questions, the other readers of the news group think you are lazy, and if you are lazy, then why bother trying to help? (My answer here is my charity work for today)


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Philip Freidin

I suppose you mean the FPGA's difference. Xilinx's FPGA is main-stream. It based on SRAM tech while Lattice's FPGA based on Flash tech. Which means Xilinx's FPGA have to be initilized before use and requires more dynamic current. But Flash-based FPGA have must have some short-coming. Something like not easy to write, etc. So it may requires higher cost. Anyone know more?

All the best, Davy

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I think the OP needs to say which of the many series of both vendors he is comparing. For example Lattice EC/ECP series vs Spartan 3, between which there are many fewer differences than with the flash-based parts you mentioned...

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