use ppc405 on virtex-II pro

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Does anyone have reference on how to use the second ppc405 in virtex-II
I'm trying to write an application on each ppc, and see how two
processors work together.
xilinx reference manual didn't talk about how to use the second ppc,
from what i read.
any pointer is appreciated. Thanks.


Re: use ppc405 on virtex-II pro
I have not tired using both at once, the class I took only went into detail
on using one.  If you are using the VP40 or larger with two hard PPC405
macros I believe you would simply add the second one in as you would the
first, building a separate local bus with a separate set of blockram etc.  If
you would like them to work together on a problem you would need to have one
hand off pieces to the other or build a logic block or even drop in a
microblaze core to handle the partitioning of the workload and common memory
access etc.


On 3 Nov 2005 12:49:13 -0800, Eric wrote:

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Re: use ppc405 on virtex-II pro
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Hi Eric,

Well nothing prohibits you from using both PPC405 in a 2VP20+ at the
same time.  However if you intend to use a CPU clock frequency above 300
MHz, you'd better take a look to the XAPP-755, which described a special
clock macro to be used against the PPC405.

Re: use ppc405 on virtex-II pro
Here's a quick tutorial of using two PowerPC's..However there are few
things that need to be fixed in the document below..But I am assuming
that u can do it...I did this and modified few things and it worked....


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