Anyone use Xilinx ppc405 profiling tools?

I am also trying to get profiling to work using the PPC405. I have

> read the app note, but I am still rather says we can use > the PIT timer, but do we still need to do all the initialization of > interrupts and timers? If so, did you just do this in your application? > Do you have any sample code I could look at? >

I did this a while ago, so I don't remember all the details. Here are my notes on the subject:

  1. Software Platform Settings: enable_intrusive_sw_profiling
  2. Recompile bsp
  3. Compiler Options: -O1, Other Compiler Options: -pg
  4. Disable interrupts, poll_next_frame
  5. Change top of mem mpeg.ld to 0x1c00000
  6. Recompile application

xmd: profile -config profile_mem 0x1c00000 xmd: dow ppc405_i/code/system.elf xmd: run xmd: profile

% gprof ppc405_i/code/system.elf gmon.out

-O3: profile doesn't work

-O2: mmc problems?

-O1: seems to work.

And this is from memory:

  1. I had to reserve memory at 0x1c00000 (the top of my sdram) to store profile data.
  2. The PIT interrupt is initialized automatically by code inserted by xilinx profiling software.
  3. I disabled my interrupt because the init code conflicted with xilinx profiling code. I probably could have re-enabled my interrupt, but I didn't need to.
  4. My only code change was to disable my interrupt.

Alan Nishioka

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