Actel SoftARM IP core generator tools finally available !!!

After loooong waiting the CoreConsole tool can now be downloaded from Actgel website. It allows to create ARM based SoCs for the PA3/E Flash FPGA's.

Current version doesnt yet allow creation of custom peripherals what is promised in next releas(es). Also the distributors (at least in Gemany) do not have and ARM7 ready silicon to ship from stock. On my email inquiry I was asked to call back. I called and asked my question again "do have some silicon to ship" what as usual ended up in long discusssion what is what I need why I need it, do I want support. My question about availability remained unanswered still.

Anyway its some progress... Actel has been trying to push their ARM7 for some time without the actual support for it in the tools available, now the software supports at least seems to be avaialble.

Antti DIY - FPGA Logic Analyzer:

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Antti Lukats
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I have been very interested in the Actel parts. The built in FLASH for configuration is very interesting. I wish Xilinx would do this!!! I am actually considering buying their dev kit. Having the integrated FLASH is so nice. especially after all the headache I went through to buy Platform Flash devices (before they were available on the Xilinx estore).


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Eli Hughes

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