Timing Issues in Quartus design

I'm facing some timing problems and I'm not really sure how to proceed.

In this design, there is a Nios processor, and a good bit of supporting components to interface with an external DSP (close to

9,000 LEs total). There are two UART/fifo components (written in-house) to support communication between the DSP and some other components. There were no problems until I added a third UART -- now there are lots of timing problems. The timing report indicates slack times up to 30ns (on a clock that is 60Mhz). The weird part is that after I deleted the additional component the timing problems still remain. I even reverted back to the previous version from CVS, but the timing problems still remain (and I know the version checked into the CVS server had no timing problems two days ago).

What are the best steps to take to iron out timing problems? Is it worth doing some floorplanning? or is there maybe something more obvious that I'm overlooking?



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If you have backannotated your placement assignments to labs, I would recommend removing them along with any Logic Lock regions that you may hae created and recompiliing the design. Also make sure that you have provided proper timing constraints for the critical paths in your design. You should try floorplanning only after you have completed the above two steps and your logic is frozen.

- Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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Subroto Datta

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