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hi all,

we are trying to implement a QAM 64 system using the altera stratix gx for a project. all of us are new to fpga's, so pardon our ignorance. i had a couple of questions about the device capabilities.

1) we are looking at purchasing a low cost evaluation board
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that does not come w/ any design software. can we just use the free web edition of quartus and/or dspbuilder for programming the device, or do we need to buy a license for the full version. 2) does the quartus software/dspbuilder have capabilites to implement serial-parallel. i know i can just use a shift register for a 1-2 serial parallel. but does it have any functions for 1-3 serial-parallel(splitting an input stream into 3 parts) 3) is it possible to work w/ multilevel signals and assign specific voltages (something betn output swing of the device) to each level. for instance, -1.2V to 000, -0.9V to 001 and so on. we are trying to use this setup to implement a simple 3 bit DAC.

thanks in advance, kaalia

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Kaalia Anthony
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Hi Kaalia,

The Stratix GX series are pretty support-intensive. For the questions you asked, I would say that you would need to speak to your local disti or Altera FAE.

Off the cuff, the answers to your questions are:

1 - No, you need a full version of Quartus, _plus_ an additional feature line that you need to request from Altera or your local distributor.

2 - not natively, but of course you can cobble it together using DSP Builder macros or some custom VHDL or Verilog.

3 - No. _Especially_ not with negative voltages. Use a DAC.

Best regards,


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Ben Twijnstra

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