Small FPGA Dev Board with Ethernet

Does anybody know of a good, --small--, development board with an ethernet port? What I'm really looking for is essentially a FPGA, on a very small PCB, with an ethernet port and power port/headers. Some extra pins brought out to headers would be handy, but are not essential. While I'm dreaming, it needs to be something I could communicate to from linux, so proprietary / windows-only ethernet drivers won't cut it.

Xilinx is preferred, but I'm open to other platforms if a better solution exists. Cheap is good... how cheap depends on the size of the FPGA that I can get.

Thanks for your suggestions...

- chris

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Chris Murphy
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Ah! There it is. The Mini-module from Avnet. Spartan-3 3S400 and Virtex-4 FX12 flavors. Go to

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Products tab, Design Resource Center (right below the Products tab), look for Mini-module.

"Designed as a complete system on a module, the Mini packages all the necessary functions needed for an embedded processor system, onto a tiny footprint slightly bigger than a stick of chewing gum."

- John_H

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Hi Chris,

Take a look here. Boards are preconfigured with uCLinux, and have standard 2.54mm headers.

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best regards Thorsten Trenz

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Thorsten Trenz

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