Re: Xilinx ML300 JTAG Configuration Problem

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there is not much I can share (yet) but:

the impact/xps download to ML300 freezes some times, problem has been
fixed by restarting rebooting, sometimes pressing the "fpga prog" button.

the fpga prog button I guess simply forces the fpga to not-init state
waiting for config, as sysace is not reset, it stays in non-configured
state until you configure with impact.

there are no settings on ML300 that could prevent the jtag re-config
it should always work (but does not)

in my case I had started v2pdk shells, debug server debugger, killed
them and then tryied impact, and was freeting, not sure why.


Re: Xilinx ML300 JTAG Configuration Problem
Please make sure that you are using the latest Xilinx Implementation tools.
From the previous message I can see that you are using 5.1. The latest
tools are 5.2i with service pack 3.

When looking at the schematics for the ML300 you will see that the FPGA
PROG button goes to the corresponding pin on the FPGA, i.e. pushing the
button will clear out the contents of the FPGA.

- Peter

tk wrote:

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