Re: QuartusII software licencing

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I would very much like to rant until they dropped the licencing on the
free tools.  But I feel I rant a bit too much already and I don't want
to alienate anyone (or anyone more than I have).  I know that sometimes
I push buttons with Peter and Austin.  I hope they don't mind too much.  

I remember telling the Orcad people what I thought of their new
licensing scheme when they were bought by some larger, high end player.
The new owners felt that Orcad should have high end licensing and I let
them know that I would not be installing the upgrade because of it.  I
belive it would have required me to either buy an Ethernet card or to
use a dongle.  These days I am not willing to do either to use
software.  But a hard drive key is within my comfort zone.  I know that
if I replace my hard drive I can set my own serial number and be back on
the air without depending on them.  Orcad is one company I will *never*
depend on for anything.  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: QuartusII software licencing
My current favorite is Mentor; their "perpetual" license must be
renewed every 5 years.  (This is for their "perpetual" leonardo

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Re: QuartusII software licencing
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For Ethernet cards, too; for most it's trivial to flash a new MAC
address permanently.  You need hardware-specific tools to do it, but
virtually all modern Ethernet cards have the MAC address in a serial
EEPROM of some sort.

You can still, obviously, not have two Ethernet cards with the same
MAC address on the same network.

"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
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