QuartusII 4.2 problem


We are using Altera QuartusII 4.2 software and we have a problem when we create symbols and use the symbols on top level.when we compile the design we are getting an error saying that it cannot find the design file,we have also observed the same error when we double click the symbol.

Can anyone give me some suggestions or pointers to any documentation to be read?

Thanks in advance, Monica, Germany

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Hi Monica,

I think that I know the answer to this one.. I believe that the symbols and design files either have to reside in the project directory or the directory containing them has to be in the list of included directories (or libraries I cant remember) that is set up in the project settings.

If you are working between multiple projects and then use the mega-wizards and the like, they sometimes default to save the files in the wrong projects directories.. then you get this problem.

I hope that helps.



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Paul Solomon

That and also entity and file name should be the same

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