Query -V2Pro fpga programming

Hello ,

I have the following questions regarding the FPGA programming:

I have generated the bit stream file from the verilog file and dumped the same into the Virtex II Pro FPGA .

Now I have to check the dumped code for its functionality on V2PRO FPGA.

Pls let me know ,How to drive the inputs to the FPGA and how to check the outputs of the verilog program on the FPGA board?.(example, take say Addder program is dumped, then I want to know how to give the Inputs A,B and how to check the outputs SUM,carry etc )

Regards & Cheers, Kishore

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Usual i test the FPGA by writing test program such as LED test...If you have an LED on board which is connect to FPGA why not use a counter and switch on and off the LED.


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