how to put an FIR in an FPGA?

I wrote a synthesizeable 4 tap FIR code in vhdl and synthesized it using Xilinx. I have an Xess XSV board with Virtex 800 fpga on it. I am new to FPGA programming. Can some one guide me what steps i have to take to implement my FIR on this board .

I believe steps will be synthesize Implement generate bit file

using xilinx ISE software

But I used an example to implement a & segment LCD counter and i am confused about the functionality of ucf file and how to make one for my design i.e how i can configure inputs and outputs of my design so that i can send an input and see what is the response as an out put on the LCD



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Take a look at the Constraint Guide ($XILINX\doc\usenglish\books\docs\cgd\cgd.pdf) installed with your ISE software. The constraint for placing pins is "LOC".

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