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Hi ,

I have a Virtex II Pro FPGA Board and I have a verilog HDL code, I synthesized and generated bit stream to configure the FPGA. Now unable to solve the following questions.

how can I test that code on the board ? I mean how to find verify its functionality . how can I drive the input data to the code? how can I observe the outputs for the given inputs?

Please help me in this regard.

Regards, Kishore

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One possible way for you to do this is with our ChipScope Pro product. In addition to the logic analysis functions, it also has a Virtual Input/Output (VIO) core that you can add to your system for testing, control and debug. You can get a free eval license here:

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ummm ... you serious ... what does the code do? If its completely stand alone and has no inputs or outputs ... your done! :0

usually stuff has some IO to communicate to the outside world ... these IO are what you should stimulate and monitor.


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