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Is there a tutorial for using Quartus II without the GUI? Ie. how to create a new project, how to configure PLL's, how to bind signals to physical pins etc?

I have been writing Verilog code with my favourite editor already and I would like to get rid of the GUI system completely because I feel the schematic capture is not so good. It also produces lots of files and I have no idea of which files I should keep in CVS and which ones are just compile time junk..



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Jukka Marin
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I don't know of a tutorial but most project settings are in the qsf file, including device type and pin assignments. Qpf is presumably also needed although at least mine don't have much information in them.

As for PLLs, I've done them in Megawizard Plug-In Manager and put all the generated files in a separate directory. Same thing with any IP blocks.

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Anssi Saari

The files to keep are those that are put into the compressed file that is generated when you archive your project from the menu.

OTOH, you may use the TCL shell to create projects, etc. A quick search gave

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o pere o

Not exactly a tutorial but check out The Quartus Handbook:

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Vol 2. Chapter 2 and 3 contains information about scripting. You can also download the individual chapters:

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Then there is the Quartus II scripting reference manual:

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Petter Gustad

I don't see why you need to throw out the IDE just because you don't like the schematic capture...

For a makefile example, try: $ quartus_sh --help=makefile

Files you probably want in version control:

*.qpf [project file] *.qsf [settings file] *.qsys [qsys project] *.sopc [sopc builder project] *.v [verilog] *.vhd [VHDL] *.sv [system verilog] *.bsf [schematic capture] *.sdc [timing constraints] *.cdf [programmer config] *.tcl [scripts for various tools - qsys, system console, quartus, etc] Possibly the contents of the ip/ directory [components for qsys] Not synthesis/ [output of qsys] Not db/ [build temporary files] Possibly *.qip [references to files in the sub-hierarchy]

Quartus 12.1 is better at keeping the generated files (reports etc) separate from your design files.


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Theo Markettos

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