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I was just trying to get a license key for Quartus II Web Edition. It tells me that I need to provide a NIC to get the license key:

  • >Network Interface Card Number:*Your NIC number is a 12-digit hexadecimal number >that identifying the Windows workstation that serves the Quartus II Web Edition license. >You can find the NIC number for your network card by typing ipconfig /all at a command >prompt. Your NIC number is the number on the physical address line, minus the dashes, >for example, 00C04FA392EF

Does this mean that I should install an ethernet card? Also I don't understand "Windows workstation that serves the Quartus II Web Edition license". Does this mean I need a network of several machines to use Quartus II?

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You do not need a network. However you do need to install Ethernet card, to get the NIC number. The NIC number is used to generate the license for your computer.

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When I do work offsite I take a small 5 port switch with me. Plugging my PC's network cable into the switch causes the NIC to be active and available for licensing software.




card, to


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No, it does not. Not really. You have to change/add a registry key :

HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Services\Tcpip\parameters\ new DWORD : DisableDHCPMediaSense assign =1


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