Quartus II 6.0 available

Quartus II 6.0 is now available, I downloaded the Web Edition yesterday. I'm on the Altera mailing list but I don't remember seeing any notification of the new version. It worked OK when I tried it on a couple of small projects.


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Only the linux version missing then ;)

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Altera should talk to Codeweavers. There are only few things that keep Quartus from running flawless with wine, mostly sentinel and jtagserver related. With these odds weeded out, altera could perhaps drop WindU for their Unix releases too...


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Uwe Bonnes

My take is that this is a marketing decision to charge extra (float license) for linux support.

Making the dongle work in linux is not a very challenging technical problem for Altera.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

On a sunny day (10 May 2006 03:37:42 -0700) it happened "Leon" wrote in :

I did get an email announcing it.

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Jan Panteltje

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