problems with Xilinx GSRD design for ML403

Hi All I just tried GSRD design for ML403 from Xilinx web site Did smbd in Xilinx make final test at all

I'm using ISE7.1sp2 and EDK7.1sp1

Bit file compiles fine When I tried to start XMD from XPS environment, program didn't start (I tried supplied downloads elf files also). After several hours o attempts I tried to start Xilinx Shell first and then typed XMD Magic - it works

Next story is building soft application treck and xlltemac_tx_rx

It fails. Found misspelling in (upper case -lower case) i ll_temac_v1_00_b driver (xlltemac.c) for XLLTEmac_PhyInit function.

Now it works. At least processor running. Will start to play with re

design itself


PS. I did test ml403_emb_ref_ppc design before under ISE6.3sp3. It wa

working. Now it fails on PAR. Does anybody knows whats wrong

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