Xilinx Powe Requirements V2PRO complaint

I'm designing with a V2PRO and its config PROM. I noticed that I will need:

  1. VCCint (PROM) = 1.8V
  2. VCCint (FPGA) = 1.5V
  3. VCCAUX = 2.5V

The system will only deliver me 5.0V and 3.3V which means that I will need to generate the above voltages. If I were to use an Altera Stratix part, and its config device, I would only need to generate the 1.5V--much cleaner.

I have tight board space constraints which make working with Xilinx much more difficult. Seems as if Altera has an advantage in this area??

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It is a slight inconvenience but here are a couple of things that might help. (1) Consider using a multiple ouput power controller like the TI TPS75003. (2) You could generate 1.8V by a diode drop from 2.5V. It should be near enough for a prom. I would not normally recommend putting anything that switches on Vccaux but a prom that will normally only operate at startup is unlikely to be a problem.

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The power supply & external prom is the reason we are using a Lattice XP. The part has the integrated flash and there is an on board regulator that allows me to power the entire part with only 3.3v

Fortunately our design fits in the 10k LUT part. The largest they have is a 20k LUT device, so don't know if that is a show stopper for you.

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One, I count one advantage (after my Romainian role model: The Count on Sesame Street).

Aust> I'm designing with a V2PRO and its config PROM. I noticed that I will need:

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