Problem with downloading elf file to ML403 using XMD


I am currently working on a new board based on a Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA.We are using a ML403 board as SW a development platform. The plan is to run VxWorks (Tornado 2.2.1/Vxworks 5.5.1) so now I am trying to get the VxWorks bootrom to run on the ML403.

I have used the XPS - Base System Builder Wizard to build a base system that seems to work (I can run the memory test application Ok). Using the VxWorks BSP from XPS I have build a VxWorks bootrom (bootrom_uncmp) without any errors. I have used a Xilinx app. note as a reference for building the bootrom.

I connect to the ML403 using JTAG cable and download my design (.bit file), then I connect to to PPC using XMD with no problems. When I try to download the bootrom file (dow bootrom_uncmp) I get the following error form XMD: "Invalid Profile Start & End Memory Address". The crazy thing is that if I keep trying to download then sometimes it downloads Ok:

XMD% dow bootrom_uncmp section, .text: 0x00c00000-0x00c72a10 section, .data: 0x00c72a10-0x00c79ed0 section, .bss: 0x00c79ed0-0x00c7cfa0 Downloaded Program bootrom_uncmp Setting PC with program start addr = 0x00c00000 PC reset to 0x00c00000, Clearing MSR Register

I can then execute the bootrom using 'run'. It doesn't work but that is the next problem ;)

Have anybody seen the error: "Invalid Profile Start & End Memory Address" before? And what does it mean?

TIA, Thomas

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Hello Thomas,

I had also a problem with this error message wen i tried to generate an ACE file with the genace.tcl script and also in the XMD. In my opinion the problem is in the Cygwin enviroment which is used for the xbash. I get the error when I run the command "xmd -tcl genace.tcl ..." from the xbash. If I run the same command with the same tools from the Windows command prompt it runs ok.

The last comment from the Xilinx webcase support was to reinstall the ISE and EDK. But I am afraid to do it. With the workaround everything works good.

Perhaps this is not the solution for you but it might can help.

??? I think it mean nothing. Perhaps in the software (Cygwin/Xilinx, I don't know) is a NULL pointer assignment or buffer overflow which causes an random error.

See you later Florian

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