Merging the ML403 refence design and the GSRD design


As I would like the Ethernet performance from the GSRD design in the ML403 reference design, I would like to merge them into a single system. I tried to use the DCR2OPB to connect the OPB bus with all the slave's, but that will take me some more time to change all lot of address ranges. Therefore I just took a PLB2OPB bridge and attached it to the DPLB bus of the processor, but that gave an error in EDK "more than 1 slave connected to PLB bus .. ". Does someone know what's wrong?

Does someone maybe have a merged version for me ?

Best Regards, Roel

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I believe the PLB in GSRD design is special in a way that it support only 1 master and 1 slave. This is done to save some space

For you purposes you need to use the regular PLB from EDK

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Have you contacted Xilinx directly about this? They have a contact email address on the GSRD webpage:

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Paul Hartke

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