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I have a situation where Post Translate timing is significantly different from behavioral/RTL simulation. I am not not speaking of simple delays, the outputs/data are different than what they should be.

What is interesting is that the design works on the FPGA board. I implemented a serial port in loopback mode in Xilinx, if I type a character on Hyperterm I get the same returned from the FPGA.

I have set timing constraints but to no effect.


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Gate level sims are more complex than functional. I expect your error is here. However, if static timing is ok and the thing works I wouldn't bother performing or debuging a gate sim.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

This is common to have a gate-level problems whi;le the design is working on the board. If your design is not high-speed and your statis timing analysis is alright, then running gate-level simulation is really almost meaningless, as this is FPGA and not ASIC.


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Vladislav Muravin

In a real design where correctness matters, I wouldn't discard this discrepancy without taking a closer look...

It could mean that your design does't work at worst case timing, or it could hide some unwelcome asynchronous feature or incorrect clock domain crossing etc... A couple of characters through Hyperterminal is not a good "proof" of design correctness. If you use Quartus, you could take a look at the Design Assistant's report, or investigate the problem a bit further. A potential error might create havoc much later.

Bert Cuzeau

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Bert Cuzeau

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