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According to the Altera NIOS docs there are premade .sof config files
for flashing an own image onto a cyclone ep1c20 NIOS board.

But none of the premade restore/flash design images work
with the nios2 flash programmer...also not when make a new
one from scratch with this mk_target_board script.

Any hints or someone has a working .sof for ep1c20 NIOS kit?

thanx in advance

Re: nios2 flash programmer
Hi Rick,

If you're using the Altera Nios Cyclone 1C20 development board, the
.sof's for programming flash are pre-built and tested as part of the
Nios II installation; the mk_target_board script is only for developing
a custom board once you've moved on from using the dev. board.

You might verify that in your design, the proper board selection is
specified in the 'board component' selection in the main SOPC Builder
display; the flash programmer later looks at this setting to figure out
which .sof to send down for flash programming.

Beyond that I have to suggest that you provide more information on the
problem. Perhaps visit as well.

Jesse Kempa
Altera Corp.
jkempa at altera dot com

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