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I am trying to port the NIOS2 flash programmer to a new development board, but have the following problems:

1-if i add EPCS serial flash controller to the SOPC builder, it generates an error, " chip designator not right" and exits with error. with the "mk-target-board" utilty i have however entered a chip designator ("U2")???? If i put the ASMI ctrl in instead of the EPCS controller i can generate a new custom board.!!!!! Also if i run the EPCS serial ctrl wizard i cannot edit the chip designator , it keeps the one i entered with the "mk_target_board" utilty.

2- Once i have generated the new custom board and i compile my project (SOPC builder set to the new custom board) i can generate the project witout problems. When i setup the flash programmer in the "NIOS2 IDE" everything goes smooth, but when i start programming the onboard flash, i get the following error message : make: *** No rule to make target `programflash'. Stop.????

Can somebody help me out.


Ron Proveniers

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Hi Ron,

First, when you run mk_target_board, with the --epcs parameter, an ASMI component is automatically added to the resulting system. This is the component that should be used in the resulting flash programmer design. If you try to replace it with an EPCS controller component, as it sounds like you have, it may not work. Stick with the ASMI component.

Second, when you create your actual design in SOPC Builder and pick your target board up at the top, the EPCS controller in that design will be hard-coded to have the same refdes as the ASMI in the flash programmer design. The refdes is how the tools keep track of flash devices (both CFI and EPCS) between the target board and the actual design. You may give them different base addresses in the two designs, or even name them differently, so the refdes is the one thing that always has to be common. And since a system can have only one EPCS (or ASMI), it forces you to use the same refdes for the one in your real system the one in the target board.

Re-generate and recompile your target board this way, then do the same with your actual design after selecting the new target board up at the top. Flash programming should work after that.


-Nathan Knight Altera Corp.

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Nathan Knight

Thanks Nathan,

I have put the epcs controller component in the custom board (removed the asmi) with new the custom board as target. This seems to work, do not get the refdes error anymore in the SOPC builder.

However i donot understand why we have to design a custom board, the flash programmer has all the info it needs from the system.ptf file, isn't it??? Also i found out that the NIOS2 IDE flash programmer can only program "CFI" compatible flash, i replaced lv800 flash with lv160d flash!!! Is there a software utility we can use to mimic "CFI" compatible flash while using "old style flash" ???


Ron Proveniers

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