Altera NIOS2 50.0 SOPC periphals broken???

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Trying to run some small system with NIOS2 and timer/uart periphal...

1. Problem...regardless what I set for the UART as fixed BAUD it always
    stays at 115200 baud...

2. Adding a timer with all features enabled and 10msec period
    it doesn't allow me to start/stop and to modify period time...

So I assume other SOPC components are broken as well in NIOS2 5.0?


Re: Altera NIOS2 50.0 SOPC periphals broken???
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Okay..UART works when I change baudrate...stupid EPCS programming over
JTAG doesn't get automatically updated (o;

But timer still same...


Re: Altera NIOS2 50.0 SOPC periphals broken???

Sorry I did not see this sooner. I just tried a test with Nios II 5.0
of the timer peripheral -- starting with a 10ms period as you
indicated, and tried an experiment to modify the timer period as well
as take snap-shots based on pressing/releasing a button on my dev
board. It all worked fine. Send me an email if this is still a problem
and I'll send you the source code I'm using for the test!

One scenario that comes to mind that may have caused this is that if
your code is not setup to use I/O instructions to peripherals
(recommended for all Nios II software), and you're using the data
cache: there have been modifications to the Nios II data cache in 5.0
-- whether you're using the data cache or not its best to ensure that
you're doing an "I/O" read/write to external peripherals rather than
simple load/store (as you'd get with a regular pointer dereference).
This stuff is described in the Nios II Software Developer's manual.

Jesse Kempa
jkempa -at- altera -dot- com

Re: Altera NIOS2 50.0 SOPC periphals broken???
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Everything working fine with periphals (o;

Wasn't the cores but the NIOS2 toolchain producing wrong code
on AMD64 Linux platforms...

Compiling everything on OSX now (o:

best regards

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