Altera Nios UART communication

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Hi, can anybody tell me how to send/receive a multi-bit (Eg.160-bit or
512-bit)data between Altera Nios FPGA board with Visual Basic Program
running on PC? Do i need any handshakind signal between the C source
code which will downloaded into the embedded system with the VB
       And, can anyone recommen me any website to gain information
regarding serial port communication interface and C source code of it?
Thank you very much.

Re: Altera Nios UART communication (Jasmine Hau) wrote in message
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No, you don't need to use the modem control signals.  Books exist on
RS232 and Visual Basic, though I haven't read them.  Try amazon.
You'll need to decide if you want a protocol (e.g., a checksum or CRC
at the end of your packet), or if you just want to accept the first N
bytes received.

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google.  Also, look for application notes for UARTs.

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