Newbie Question: Compiling VHDL in Mentor Graphics

Hi all,

trying to get my head around mentor graphics. I have typed a bunch of code and I am now trying to compile it. I am using Mentor Graphics.

Basically I go into the HDL designer window, set a root for my design and I then click on the task manager icon which brings up a list of tasks for me to carry out on the VHDL code. I click on 'Generate' which responds by indicating 'Generation Completed Succesfully'. I then set the ModelSim compile path to the following:


In that the above directory holds my vhdl files. I then click ModelSim compile and I get the following response, which it pauses on:

Performing compile... Library adaptive_encoder_transmitter_lib executing D:/HDL/HDS_PROJECTS/ADAPTIVE_ENCODER_TRANSMITTER/ADAPTIVE_ENCODER_TRANSMITTE R_LIB/HDL/vlib D:/HDL/hds_projects/adaptive_encoder_transmitter/adaptive_encoder_transmitte r_lib/work

Like I mentioned...this is as far as it goes. Looking at my CPU processes, it doesn't actually seem to be doing anything.

Any ideas? Or is there some other way to get my vhdl files to compile? I am using HDL Designer 2003.2.


- Kingsley

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