Naysayers will not endure, but you can endure

There are a lot of naysayers, a lot of detractors in this world. They postulate things that are not true as though they were true, and it is being done that way to mislead people, confuse people, sow seeds of doubt in people's minds, encourage thoughts which lead people away from where they should be and to some other place.

I would like to ask everyone to to the Bible and learn for yourself about Jesus Christ. You've heard me talk about how He came here to forgive your sin and to give you eternal life, but what does that really mean? God has not left you abandoned. You are not alone in this world. Even though bad things happen here, it's not because of God, and God is the solution to ending all manner of bad things.

----- Right now you are alive in this world in your body, but your spirit is dead in sin. If it were something tangible you'd see it like a corpse on a table long dead.

What Jesus does is come to you and take away your sin before God. He transfers your sin onto Himself (like taking a dirty jacket off and giving it to Him). All of your sin leaves you physically and goes to Him so that He bears the burden of your sin, not you.

When Jesus does this, that spiritual corpse comes alive and you are then living spiritually. This immediately asserts itself into your life and you change in that instant. Literally the old you dies, and the new you is born with the rebirth of that spirit life.

From that day forward everything about your life will change, and you are able to move toward and do things that were not possible before. You're able to move away from and shun things you were powerless over before. Jesus gives you authority and power by His resurrection from the dead, and your new spirit life is in constant communion with Him in the spirit. You are able to receive guidance from His own Holy Spirit continually, and He will lead you away from false things and toward true things.

----- Whoever you are, wherever you're from ... you need Jesus Christ in order to know the truth. You need to have your sin forgiven so you can be alive eternally.

Until this happens you are walking in darkness, falseness, and you have no life in you, even though your physical body is alive, for it is the spiritual life that is eternal, not our physical bodily life.

When we leave this world and depart from our physical body, we will go to one of two places: Heaven (being forgiven by Jesus here on this Earth) or Hellfire (with our sin remaining on us).

In either case, our spirit will reunite with a new body, an eternal body, one that is literally immortal. For the soul going off to Heaven it will be love and peace and unending growth and prosperity. For the one who has rejected Jesus Christ's offer of forgiveness, their sin will overtake them and they will only burn in agony and torment in the unquenchable flames of Hell forever.

----- There is this binary end to your life: Heaven or Hell. And it has to do entirely with what you did with Jesus.

Ask Him to forgive your sin today, and pass from eternal death to eternal life today. Begin the next chapter of your existence, the one that is written in eternal life, and ends happily ever after.

Thank you, Rick C. Hodgin

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