The Lord calls out to you for repentance, salvation

The message is simple: He wants to forgive your sin and give you eternal
life in the paradise of God.
If you have sin, you need a savior. And all of us have sin. And all of
us need a savior.
Jesus is that savior. He came to the Earth for that purpose (to set men
free from the judgment of God for our sin, and to give us eternal life
in the paradise of God, restored to the creations God created us to be
before sin entered in and wrecked everything).
(1) Jesus loves you.
(2) He wants to forgive you.
(3) Go to church this Sunday and learn from those who have studied
the Bible what things God has to guide you in your life.
God guides us toward holiness, toward His light and life, toward right
ways to live as His creation. And, He leads us always toward those
things which are of repentance, guidance and teaching and uplifting
and helping and loving one another. he does this because He wants us
to come to Him and repent in this world, and then live our lives for
Him teaching others.
Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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An inspiring message for the heart in repentance:
The Judgment Seat of Christ Leonard Ravenhill
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God encourages you toward holiness and service to Him and His eternal Kingdom ... even while we are yet here on Earth.
It is the highest privilege to serve the Lord.
Thank you, Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin

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