converting from Xilinx 9500 to 9500XL, won't fit

Hello, all,
I have an old design implemented in the Xilinx 9572, and need to update it.
Using ise 13.4, I created a new project, imported the files, and found it
won't fit in the 9572XL, which was a big surprise. Although the 9572 was
fairly full, the design easily fit there, and I just recompiled it for the
9572, and this version of ise easily fit it.
Does anybody have any suggestions on settings to make it fit in the XL?
The error messages suggest reducing the collapsing input limit or the
product term limit. I did this in the Design goals and Strategies, but at
the end of the fitter report it still shows the default values. Is there a
trick to making it use the modified limits and other options?
Not only does the 95144XL cost a bit more, but it is only available in the
next size up package.
Thanks very much for any help.
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Ah, I found that the REAL place you set the options is right clicking the fit button then properties. With a little adjustment of parameters, it did fit, but seems to use a little more resources than on the 9500. But, I have to add 2 signals to the state machine to control an external bi-directional level translator, so with it so close to the limit, I think it will be necessary to move up to the 95144XL part.
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Jon Elson
The one thing I'd mention is, have you tried comparing the portion-by-portion resource usage breakdowns between the 9572 and 9572XL builds? It may be there was one section of the design that the synthesizer got confused about in the XL and blew up.
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