The Day of Your Judgment

The Bible records people will be summoned by name. Earth and Heaven
are fleeing from the Throne of God, and you are being drawn to His
Throne for judgment. It's actually called "The Great White Throne
There, the books of your life are opened.
What's in those books?
That stuff from your past?
Your youth?
The early sin you did in your wild days?
Yes. It's all there. Plus, things you didn't even realize was
sin. And it's all recorded in perfect detail, as if someone with
a great 3D holographic camcorder was following you around for your
entire life recording everything you've ever done ... in public,
in private, in secret, when you were alone, when nobody else saw
what you did. That 3D holographic camcorder did, and every last
detail is written down in the books of Heaven.
You're going to be summoned into a type of room you don't want to
be in. You're going to come face to face with things you don't
want to come face to face with. You're going to hear the list of
things you're guilty of read before all of creation, and you will
weep at how heinous you've been in the sight of a Holy, Holy, Holy
God. And you will be found guilty and sentenced to the only
sentence suitable for you, an eternal being made in the very image
and likeness of God, literally a god (lower-case "G") as is taught
us in the Bible. The only punishment suitable for a god is that
which God Almighty has created ... Hell.
Hell is a place of burning fire. It's a place of unending torment.
The Bible records there will be no presence of God there, and the
worm will not die, neither will there be any water to quench the
raging heat. Only flames and agony and torment and a binding of
such powerful degree that it will consume you completely, and you
will never have any ability to experience anything ever again,
save the raging pain.
This fate awaits all who do not come to Jesus and have their sin
forgiven. Jesus came to offer you a choice. He came to offer
you the ability to forego all of that, and to come to Him and
simply say, "Jesus, I am a sinner. I have sinned. I need to be
forgiven. I do not want to go to Hell," and He will forgive you.
God does not want to judge anybody. He's made a way out through
His Son for everybody. But those who will not listen to His call,
who will not come and ask forgiveness, repenting of their wrong-
doing in His sight, what I described above remains charged to
their soul's account, and that soul will have to pay the bill for
the sin, rather than Jesus paying the bill for the sin.
It's your choice. Jesus gives you the way out. He gives you a
full pardon just for the asking. He saves you from burning alive
forever in utter torment for free, just or coming to Him and
stating the obvious: that you are a sinner, and that you need
to be forgiven.
Can you do that? Can you save your eternal soul? Or do you want
to jump headlong into those flames and burn and burn and burn and
burn and burn and burn and burn forever?
Who would choose the fiery flames end of their life? What kind
of man would say, "No" to Heaven and paradise in God's own Holy
glowing presence, and, "Yes" to Hell and its unending fire and
Only those who are pursuing falseness will choose Hell, because
they are moving falsely, all the while thinking they are moving
rightly, all because of sin's corruption on our ability to reason
correctly here in this flesh. We need the spirit to know the
truth, and only Jesus can set us on the right path to know the
truth, and only God the Father can know we desire to know the
truth and then alter us sufficiently to be able to even find it
in our fallen, corrupt-in-sin state.
With everything within me: PLEASE! Read these posts. They are
the only path you are given to life eternal in peace, love, and
unending joy. And the path you're on today ends in a lake of
fiery torment that never ebbs, never dries out, never calms down.
It rages in fullest flame forever.
Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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Thank you, Rick C. Hodgin
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Thank you, Rick C. Hodgin
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