Think God can't forgive your sin?

Here's a message for those who think the sin they've done is too big
for God to forgive them. You underestimate the power of God, and of
what Jesus did at the cross, if you think your sin is too weighty for
God is able to save everyone to the uttermost. We receive His perfect
righteousness, as His free gift when we ask Him to forgive our sin:
Cries of the lost
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Eternity is calling you. God wants you to be with Him in Heaven. He
invites you to come and to ask His Son to forgive your sin, and in so
doing to gain eternal life.
This knowledge comes through the heart, the core of your being, that
thing you can't shake when you look yourself in the mirror and there
are no distractions.
If you know God is calling you, answer Him and rejoice! He is calling
out to save your eternal soul, to give you eternal life on even the
streets of gold.
Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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