Eternal life

Did you know you are an eternal being? And that you will go on
after you leave this world? What's on the other side? What will it
be like?
We see this world today and we shudder to think about an eternity
lived in something similar. Hate, disease, war, unknowns, variations,
it all adds up to a quagmire of uncertainty day by day.
Well rest assured. Our future is not like that. The world here exists
this way because of sin. Disobedience to God allowed sin to enter
in, and it's been destroying ever since. But God did not leave us, or
forsake us despite our sin. He stepped into our world to rescue us,
to secure a real future in the proper (sin-free) form.
Jesus is our rescuer. He was born as a man, under our same laws
so that He could save us. He was born of a virgin, so He didn't have
any sin. He lived a sin-free life and God arranged it so He would
go to the cross innocent, so He could take on our sin and die, and in
that way our sin would die with Him, setting us free from sin, restoring
us to eternal life.
Jesus came into this world to rescue us. He loves us, wants to forgive
us of our sin, and asks us to come to Him and say, "Jesus, forgive my
sin." All who do are forgiven and immediately pass from death to
life, being completely changed from within in that selfsame moment.
After asking forgiveness of sin from Jesus, no longer are we the same.
Our thinking changes. Our wants and wishes change. We are literal new
creations. Though still here in the same body, our innermost parts,
the invisible parts of our core, they are all changed, made shiny and
new by Jesus Christ, His gift to us. Unmerited. Undeserved. It is simply
His pleasure to give us forgiveness.
Eternity will come to all people after death. For those who aren't forgiven
of their sin, judgment awaits you for the sin you've committed, and
with judgment ... condemnation.
All people are guilty of some sin, and all people need to be forgiven.
Jesus is willing to forgive all people, and He forgives all who come
to Him asking forgiveness. He will forgive you right now. All you have
to do is ask Him.
Come to Jesus and ask forgiveness for your sin, and begin your life anew
knowing that when you leave this world you will be in Heaven, with God,
safe and secure forever. It is the most weight-on-the-chest lifting
experience you'll ever know. Real freedom. Real inner change.
I love you. It's why I teach you these things. But Jesus loves you more.
Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin
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