Go to church this Sunday

Contact your Christian family member, co-worker, classmate, neighbor, and
go to church this Sunday. Ask that person the questions you have, and it's
okay to not be sure who God is, if He's real, etc. As long as you're
seeking the honest answers to your questions you're on the right path.
Say a little prayer before you go also, asking God to guide you to the
right people. And if you see them doing things that Christian's shouldn't
do, then don't be afraid to leave and find another person. Not everybody
who professes to be a Christian or know Jesus Christ actually does. You
will know them by their fruits. Look for the little signs, and don't
ignore them. If you need, go back to God in prayer and ask again. And
if you still can't find someone of serious faith, then go to a local
church and talk to the people there. You will know with them the same
way as you would know with those close to you ... look for the little
signs, and continue to ask God to help you. He will.
I love you. There is peace and forgiveness in Jesus Christ for all the
bad stuff you've done. He doesn't want to punish you, but wants to
forgive you and guide you from this day forward into all proper things.
He will do this for you beginning today, even right now, if you'll let
Love. It's why He came to the Earth. He loves you, and wants you to
have a real future filled with love and hope.
Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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Best regards, Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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Best regards, Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
In Jesus, you'll find forgiveness for what you've done, peace for your soul, a new calm in your life, comfort in the storm, and the security of knowing where you'll go when you die.
Going to church doesn't save you. Only Jesus can save you. But by going to church you learn about Jesus, about spiritual things, about prayer, the real nature of why people behave the way they do, and how to pray for them to fight their true enemies, and how to recognize it is the people who are your goal, and that the real enemy has them, even though it seems they are acting within their own nature, that enemy opposes atop them, influencing them toward their harmful actions.
Jesus will give you new life to be able to understand all of this, and to lead you in service to Him in this world.
It starts by coming to Him and asking Him to forgive you of your sin. This can be done anywhere, but it's often done at a church. Asking forgiveness doesn't cleanse you, but the true sincerity of your heart in asking is known to God, and all who truly ask forgiveness for real are saved.
He will then do the rest in your life, but you must also do your part. By seeking the truth in all things, He guides you.
Go to church. Ask questions. And when you feel conviction in your heart and you're ready, then ask forgiveness from Jesus and receive eternal life.
I look forward to hearing your testimony, and seeing you in Heaven.
Best regards, Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin

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