The contents of the Book of your life

When you stand before God, the books will be opened. Every thing
you've ever done will be there written down in the books perfectly.
No distortion. No twist. No bent. Only an accurate and true and
full accounting of the things you have done.
Idle words
The way you affected other people, including life scars
Along with the reasons why you did each thing
There will be no escaping your guilt on Judgment Day. The book of
your life will be opened up with every detail. It will read that
you were born, and on this day you did this, and on this day you
did that, and on this other day you did this other thing, all the
way up to the day of your death. It will include everything of
your sin, and all other actions.
For those who are forgiven by Christ, the only things written down
in the book will be positive things. Jesus, at the cross, took
away all of our sin.
The book of the believer in Jesus Christ will read:
On this day so-and-so was born. On this day they did this
for Christ. On this day they did this for Christ. On this
day they did this for Christ.
It will repeat only those things they did for Christ.
There is no judgment for the one who has asked Jesus to forgive
them. There is only reward given to them in Heaven. Jesus took
away the bad things, and made us whiter than snow, whiter than
any fuller could do.
It's why we need Jesus Christ. Our sin will overshadow us
completely, and Jesus came to take our sin away so we are not only
not overshadowed, but are shining and beaming in His own glory,
made that way by His free gift to us.
Do you have sin? Yes.
Do you need a Savior from judgment from God? Yes.
Is there one who is willing to do that for you? Yes.
His name is Jesus.
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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