Modelsim simulation question

Hallo, I'm simulating a peripheral into modelsim. I have watched some differences between: behavioral, post-translate, post-map, post-place simulations.

Using post-place simulation, the peripheral works well into modelsim. Instead, if I use post-map, modelsim shows some warnings like this:

# Time: 299133929 ps Iteration: 7 Instance: /wave/uut/adc_ram_addr_write_0_1_399 # ** Warning: /X_LATCHE HOLD Low VIOLATION ON I WITH RESPECT TO CLK; # Expected := 0.381 ns; Observed := 0 ns; At : 299133.929 ns

Then into behavioral simulation some signal are not initialized, even if I do it in vhdl file.

Why my system works well into a more real simulation?

I think it should be the opposite. It should works well into behavioral, and less well into post-place...

Many Thanks Marco

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