Setup violation warning with constant signal in Modelsim/Webpack

Hi folks,

Xilinx ISE Webpack 6.3.02i (XST VHDL) Modelsim Starter 5.8c

160MHz clock

During a post par back annotated simulation I am getting the following warnings occuring about 40/50 times (i.e. not all the time and they are occuring after the reset phase is over):

# ** Warning: /X_SFF SETUP High VIOLATION ON CE WITH RESPECT TO CLK; # Expected := 0.095 ns; Observed := 0.088 ns; At : 111.338 ns # Time: 111338 ps Iteration: 2 Instance: /filtertestbench/uut/dualportcyclicrambuffer_state0_ffd3_424 # ** Warning: /X_SFF SETUP Low VIOLATION ON CE WITH RESPECT TO CLK; # Expected := 0.095 ns; Observed := 0.088 ns; At : 117.588 ns # Time: 117588 ps Iteration: 2 Instance: /filtertestbench/uut/dualportcyclicrambuffer_state0_ffd3_424

The strange thing is that the CE signal in question is hard-coded to 1 in the port mapping like this:

DualPortCyclicRAMBuffer : DualPortCyclicBuffer

generic map ( DATA_DEPTH => FILTER_LENGTH )

port map (

clk => clk, ce => '1', reset => reset, rfs => rfs, nsi => nsi, dataIn => x, dataOut1stHalf => cyclicRAMDataOut, dataOut2ndHalf => cyclicRAMDataOutDualPort, finalSample => cyclicRAMFinalSample, sor => cyclicRAMSOR );

So, how can there be setup violations on a signal that doesn't change?

Can I just ignore this?

Many thanks for your time and insight.



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did you check in the par vhd file that the ce input of the instance:


is stuck to 1? did you see that signal stuck to 1 during simulation at the time indicated in the warnings (111.338 ns and 117.588) ?


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Andrea Sabatini

The CE pin of the instance /filtertestbench/uut/dualportcyclicrambuffer_state0_ffd3_424 may not be the same "ce" connected to your component instantiation.

HTH, Jim (remove capital letters)

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Jim Wu

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