Microblaze power estimation with external memory..

Hi guys, I'm trying to design a very simple system based on Microblaze. I can do Post Place and Route simulation if I have all my instructions and data on the BRAMs. However unfortunately the current applications that I'm trying to run and estimate the power don't fit in the BRAMs so I have no choice but to put them on external memory. Now the problem that I have is that I don't know how to estimate the power with XPower if I have my instructions and data on off-chip memory. I'm not sure but I doubt it if I can do the same simulation with modelsim if I have my instructions on off-chip memory.

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Xesium schrieb:

thumb ballbark estimate for you

V4LX25+ext memory (MB soc running) - 2W power dissipation. V4LX15, V4FX a little less, larger devices a little more. Add the current for your custom circuitry (if you can estimate) to that.


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