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Hi guys, I'm trying to profile my application while it is running on microblaze. However I have a problem in setting profile_mem configuration. My LMB instruction and data address space spans from 0000 to ffff which is

64KB. I really don't know which address to assign for the profiler to profile the application. For some addresses (like 0x00010000) while executing it generates an error which says "Unexpected Debug Trap Condition occured. Microblaze current PC value is 0x18. Possible causes could be stack overflow, corrupt code or data section. To continue reset microblaze or configure FPGA". To me it sounds like I'm using an address space which I shouldn't use but still I don't know which address space I should use for the profiler either. Also for some addresses it generates gmon.out file but when I want to extract its information with -p option it says that gmon.out file is not in a.out format. Do you have any idea how I can profile my application with these problems?

Thanks a lot beforehand,


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Hi Amir,

The address space for code and data is controlled by linkscript. You can also see the memory usage by 'mb-objdump --syms xx.elf'.

Good luck, Wayne

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